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Ever popular plywood with its beautiful exposed edges is a composite, engineered material manufactured from thin layers of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers at up to 90 degrees to one another. The cross-graining of plywood helps to reduce the tendency of wood to split when nailed at the edges, it reduces expansion and shrinkage, provides dimensional stability and makes the strength of the panel consistent in all directions. 

Plywood has high stiffness perpendicular to the grain direction because it is bonded with the grains running against one another and with an odd number of composite parts. 

We sell our plywood as is, or upgrade it with the laminate or veneer of your choice.

We have various types of plywood available like birch ply, commercial ply, marine ply, flexi ply, shutter ply and access to many others, depending on which one you choose it services interior and exterior applications.

Common uses are construction, concrete shuttering, aircraft manufacturing, furniture, art, canvassing, carcasses, boat building, jigs, cabinets, engineering, architecture, radios, skateboard ramps, flooring, walling, roofing, wind bracing panels, vehicle internal body work, packaging, boxes, gifting, crafts, fencing, container floors, scaffolding, wind turbine blades, die-cutting boards, high-end loud speakers, sporting equipment, playground equipment, exterior signs and musical instruments.

Birch 2440 x 1220:

6mm | 9mm | 12mm | 15mm | 18mm | 21mm

Commercial 2440 x 1220:

12mm | 15mm 

Bending Plywood 2440 x 1220:


Marine 2440 x 1220:

12mm | 15mm | 18mm

Pine BB Grade 2440 x 1220:


 Pine BC Grade 2440 x 1220:

4mm | 6mm | 9mm | 12mm | 16mm | 18mm | 21mm | 25mm | 29mm | 32mm

 Pine CC Shutterply 2440 x 1220:

18mm | 21mm